Hello and welcome. My name is Allan Mathieu Perkins and I am an amateur horn player from South Carolina. While I enjoy and appreciate the standard repertoire, I’ve always been drawn to those different, difficult, or unusual pieces of music. I have found myself particularly fascinated by just intonation and other forms of microtonality. I am now beginning to get back to horn playing after having to take a few years away from the instrument and my current goal is to pursue graduate studies in horn and/or music theory. If you’d like, feel free to contact me at AMPerkinsMusic (at) gmail (dot) com.

Current projects: Revising my article Microtonality and the Horn; composing several intonation and ear-training studies in various microtonal systems including quarter-tones, Pythagorean intonation, and 5-limit just intonation, as well as some quarter-tonal transcriptions for horn.

Just Intonation and the Horn (May 2015): On playing the horn in Just Intonation including a few tuning études based on ancient Greek scales. Note: I have removed this because what I’ve recently learned has shown me the need to re-consider some of the conclusions I had come to with this article, thus it needs to be revised.

Microtonality and the Horn (May 2013): Currently undergoing a major revision to include all that I’ve learned in the last few years, hopefully to be finished within the next month or so. However, I will leave the current version up until then.

Older Articles: I first began this site as a way to organize my thoughts and studies and to share them with whomever might be interested.

The Glass Mute & the Horn (June 2013): About the use of glass objects as horn mutes, including György Ligeti’s composition Aventures (1962).
Gérard Grisey: Accords Perdus – Cinq Miniatures (April 2013): A brief discussion of this microtonal horn duet.
Mazis, Spiros: Ialemos for Solo Horn, Op. 79 (December 2012): A discussion of this difficult horn solo based on ancient Greek enharmonic tetrachords and the research of Dr. Mazis into microtonal music for brass.
The Omnitonic Horn (September 2012): Omnitonic horns were an attempt to overcome the limits of the crook system of natural horns while preserving the beauty of their sound and technique.
The Bass Horn (July 2011): About the few experimental instruments that have been made in an attempt to give the horn family a true bass voice.